Subcontracting in Erpnext V14

Is there an example, documentation or video how the new subcontracting workflow is thought to work in V14?

Any information or hint what to read or study is more than welcome!

V14 page of subcontracting does have most of the info you need to get started: Subcontracting

The key change is moving from FG item to service item in purchase docs (as in moving from “painted bolt” to “painting”)

If you find something lacking, please share.

Thank you a lot for the link. Very helpful.

I have problems with the workflow if the Raw material is provieded differently (as a seperate stock entry as the raw material is delivered for multible orders at once to the subcontractor) and is already available in the suppliers stock.

If i create a subcontract recipe without a material transfer from the subcontract order, the subcontract recipe does not show any raw material consumed (even the sub table is not available).

Also, how to transfer the raw material to the reserved stock from multible source stock? I don’t see a option to create materials request or picklists somewhere? Did i overlook something?

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Currently, we don’t have this type of functionality, will add it to our subcontracting roadmap.

The consumed Items table in Subcontracting Receipt will only be shown if the Raw-Materials are transferred with the reference of Subcontracting Order.

Why do we need to issue Subcontracting Receipt in new Subcontracting Module ?

Because Purchase Receipt and Subcontracting Receipt solves the same question. We shouldn’t have any sceneario where Purchase Receipt Qty is different from the Subcontracting Receipt.

Is that right?

Does anyone know how to add additional costs after a Subcontracting Receipt is already submitted?
E.g. in case of additional costs known only after receiving the Purchase Invoice later on.

It seems there is nothing comparable like the Landed Cost Voucher used to add additional costs for Purchase Receipts…

Stock Reco. may help to increase valuations.