Subcontracting in Sales Order


Upfront: I have read this:
and saw the latest videos on youtube

I understand the concept, how subcontracting works within ERPnext.
That said:

I do not quite understand, how it is connected to the Sales Order.

We have this simple manufacturing process in our Company.

We Work with three items
the raw material (aluminium profile)
the raw part
the finished part

the Cusomter buys the finished part from us. So the delivery note to him reduces what we have in stock.

I understand, that we need a BOM for the raw part, with the aluminium profile as ‘raw material’

Then we have 2nd BOM for the finisehd Part, with the raw part as raw material.

Lets assume, we have 60 raw parts in stock and the customer buys 100 finished parts.

we must create a material request (manufacturing) for another 40 parts.

Then, with the 100 raw parts in stock, we can create a purchase order for the anodizing service.

I dont quite understand, how I would do that, from the initial Sales Order.
We do not ‘manufacture’ the finished part. So a work order is wrong.

If I create a Purchase Order it will not ‘supply raw material’ because that box is for manufacturing.

When I click ‘Request Raw Material’ it creates a Material Request of the Type ‘Purchase’

Do I have to work with Production Planing here?

Thanks for your help!


So the finished part has set:
Inventory → Default Material Request Type: puchase
Manufacturing → Supply Raw Materials for Purchase : True
With the BOM containing one Raw Part

The Raw Part has:
Inventory → Default Material Request Type: manufacture
Manufacturing → Supply Raw Materials for Purchase : False
With a BOM containing the raw material.

When I create a Production Plan for a Sales Order with that part, everything looks good.

But as soon as I click [create]Work ORder / Subcontract PO

It created TWO Work Orders.

I should be one Work Order for the Raw Part and one Purchase Order for the Finished Part, this the Raw parts supplied to the external supplier.