Subcontracting on Subassemblies


We have some products which have sub-production process in its sub-assemblies. I want to ask You that How can I produce this products on ErpNext?

Operation of this Products:

1-)Cutting (in our Work in Progress Warehouse)
2-)Galvanising (This operation occur in warehouse of our supplier. We supply material which is output of cutting operation for supplier. )
3-)Assembling for product from galvanizing operation item which come from supplier (in our Work in Progress Warehouse)

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Please refer document.It may be help you

I read this document and I tried something. When I tried creating work order with sales order, Erpnext create 2 work order. One of these work order is about Cutting Operation, other one is about Assembling Operation. This situation is true because I create material request with work order or job card and I occur subcontracting with purchase order. But when I tried creating work order with production plan, if I click “Make Work Order for Sub Assembly Items”, Erpnext create work order for each material. In this situation I have to manage manually work order for subcontracting. If I don’t click “Make Work Order for Sub Assembly Items”, Erpnext create only one work order which is for products, this situation I can’t manage subcontracting.

How can I execute this manufacturing processes in erpnext?

Hi All,

I am running into a similar problem of how to include subcontracting in with a production plan.

We create a production plan for a product, there are a number of sub-assemblies that occur for the product, some of these are done in house (this is fine, the production plan creates work orders for these). BUT some sub-assemblies have external sub-contracted activities (in this case, it is the electo-coating of metal work and the cutting, drilling and tapping of heatsinks). The ERP creates a work order for these products as well, but I need to use a purchase order in order to subcontract work.

If I submit the work order (Stock Entry using Material Transfer for Manufacture) and use the purchase order to create a Stock Entry using Send to Subcontractor. It will count as a double entry.

Essentially what I would like to know: is there a set procedure for sub-contracted sub-assemblies when using Production Plans? And if there is, what is it?

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I have the same issue, can not manage which is step by sub -contracting using Production plan.