Submit Multiple Documents

i believe it is not such a uncommon scenario. I import several documents and optionally i like to submit them with a command from the import script. Calling the on_import() has no effect. Iguess its about the conirmation window. Setting the docstatus manually to 1 fails with a 403.
Any help appreciated.
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Check “Submit after import” while you are importing.

thanks for the fast reply :smile:
I use a custom script as i receive the document via post from a different app.
Should i use document.on_submit() after to achieve that?
Thanks again

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i finally got the solution myself. The importing user had no “submit” right, so the 403 happened logically, how stupid :slight_smile:
I changed that and now i can simply set doc status to and also my submit method is called correctly.

Thanks again for the help

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