Submit or Confirm

In Indonesian language, the actual meaning of the word Submit (especially in the buttons) doesn’t really make sense to be used. But contextually, it could also translated to the same meaning as Send. But to translate Submit as Send could confuse even more.

Hence I want to to translate it as Confirm.
Please your input if there is any case in ERPNext that is not proper to use Confirm as replacement to Submit.
Thank you.

Famously, comments will be sent by clicking a “submit” button. I guess this is a problem for most languages.

But we can fix it!

Did you tried using custom translation (translation docType)?

Thanks for your input @LiyakatAli,
But in my post above I didn’t mean to ask about how to make a translation.
My concern is if I use (English) Confirm to substitute (English) Submit, will there any out of context case in ERPNext.
If not, I will translate (English) Submit with (Indonesian) translation for (English) Confirm.

To make it clear:
Submit(en) = Menyerahkan(id) or also often used is Mengirim(id)
But Mengirim(id) = Send(en) so will confuse user.
Confirm(en) = Konfirmasi(id) or Memastikan(id) is more appropriate to use.

If you plan to change the label of the button to Confirm from Submit, I don’t see any issue.
I do not easily recollect the word ‘Confirm’ or any button ‘Confirm’ is commonly used in the erpnext.

That’s what I thought also.
Thanks for the suggestion.