Submit Stock Entry taking too long time with back posting date

Hi !
I am facing a problem while submitting stock entries. I am using manufacture module. so that i have to make entries for production. but when i am making that in previous dates like one month before. or two months before, it is taking soo much long time for submitting stock entries as well as cancelling that kind of stock entries. but when i am creating entry for today or some 2,4 previous days so it is working fine.
I am facing some real issue about that. Please find a solution. some time it would take 10 minutes to submit an stock entry. I don’t have any other option i have to make in back date to manage all my accounts and ledgers.
i have also read that post but to manage my accounts i have to make back date entries, but faster

Please Find a solution ERPNEXT Guys.

Thanks in advance

Hi @rmehta
Please look in to this issue. i am really facing some serious problems

It doesn’t have to do with system. Depends upon your server spec and the number of backdated entries you are trying to pass. It would take long time as system has to do many changes when backdated entries are passed

True. If you ran on VirtualBox with 4GB Memory, you are going to have lots of problems. But, if you place ERPNext on a server with specs that an ERP system deserves, ERPNext (version-12) just zips and zaps. Want to have balance sheet report showing 10 years comparative? No problem. Want to amend a Production plan because you discover that the pricing of one item involved in BOM was wrongly entered 10 months ago, No problem. Just cancel and Amend, and ERPNext version-12 just zips and zaps along. (Xeon server 4-Core 32 Gigabytes 1 Terabyte SSD.)

Sadly ERPNext version-13-beta erases all these superpowers away with the Immutable Ledger implementation.

Did you find something effective to reduce time ?