Submit Web Form

How can I store value after the client press the submit button? And after that display its values.?
Im still a newbie.

When a client submits a form all values entered by the client on the form are stored in the db.
to view it you can simply open that form again …

can you be more specific with the issue.
you can also check out the developers guide at Not Found

hope it will help you understand frappe better !

Thanks for the reply… I was pertaining to this I can’t make it work to me.

@marc_jehu_uy Where are you stuck?

Web Forms have gone major revisions in Version 5 (branch v5.0). It is currently live and used in Not Found

Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried it in frappecloud. I have created a custom fields. Is this Not Found only works in frappe-bench? Because when I try it in frappecloud and click the submit button. It doesn’t display anything…

@marc_jehu_uy - Version 5 will release in FrappeCloud sometime end Dec / early Jan…

There could be some bugs in v4. If you want, we can move you to v5 - its still under development…

Oh, thanks. By the way i just try it out in frappecloud. I already started doing it in frappe-bench… Thanks again…