Submitting salary slips and creating journal entry

Hello Community.

Before posting, I’ve taken my time to read up other similar complaints just to be sure I am not repeating an issue that’s been addressed already.

I have the below screenshot of the Payroll Entry document to explain our dilemma:

As you can see:

a) We have successfully created and submitted the Payroll Entry document.
b) However, when we click the SUBMIT SALARY SLIP button at the top of the screen, ERPNext shows the Submitting Salary Slips and Creating Journal Entry… message. It remains like this for about 4mins or more, but it ends up not creating the accrual journal entry.

This is happening on the live server machine. But when we try the same thing on the test/practice server, the whole process is completed successfully and the journals are created. That’s where we are confused because we have the same setup on both servers.

Your kind suggestions are appreciated.

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had the same error once, it really gave me a headache, couldn’t know what else to do, also tried on a test server it worked, so couldn’t figure out why it would not work on live server, and there where no error logs to indicate that anything is wrong,

The first step I did was to reduce the timeout time by running

bench config http_timeout 30

So any process longer than 30 seconds would timeout, It didn’t solve the problem, but at-least it reduced the time I had to wait for the process to timeout

Second option I did was to disable email of salary slip to Employees in HR Settings and to my surprise, salary slips where able to submit within second, so now I had a temporary solution, but still, I needed both to work, to be able to submit salary slip as well as automatically email to employees upon submission,

So I kept updating my instance every time after the update has been pushed,

Until two weeks ago when I did an update to ERPNext: v10.1.80 (master) Frappe: v10.1.70 (master)
I found out the error was no longer there, because I kept checking for that error after every update I did,

Please share your version details. Also check the Javascript Log for any errors.

@rmehta and @deatram,

Thank you very much for your responses. Here is version details. Hope it helps.


Ok i had a similar issue a couple of times and noticed something. when you submit salary slips you are supposed to take the next step to create journal entry but for some reason, the button to initiate this doesn’t show up. So what i do is reload the page and the create journal entry button shows up. Maybe it’s a timeout issue but other than that everything else worked fine for me.

Did you check out the above discussion ?

Try disabling sending email for Salary slips to confirm if this is your problem


Hi everyone, I unchecked the Email Salary Slip to Employee in HR Settings and it worked.

The Salary Slips were successfully submitted via the Payroll Entry, and The accrual Journal Entry was also successfully created in the Accounts module.

Is there a permanent way of resolving this? Right now we are glad we can proceed with this, but we want the system to send the email notifications to the users whenever the salary slips are submitted.

Thank you so very much everyone. Thank you.


Good to see it worked out for you.

The permanent solution is stated within the discussion thread I quoted above


Okay. Will look it up.

Thank you very much.

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