Subscription Bug. Automatically creates invoices over and over again on the same date

I am getting a bug, where upon creating a subscription and setting all the parameters, the system automatically starts generating an invoice every few hours. So far I have over 170 invoices on the same date from the same customer.

How can I stop this?!?

Check frequency of your subscription setting. The idea of having a subscription is to create repeated invoices over a set frequency.

If you still facing same issue, please share .gif file or short video of what you doing, so that other might able to replicate & help you solve the issue.

I couldn’t find the setting you mentioned, these are the two screenshots:

The only thing I found similar to what you said was Billing Interval, but it’s set for Month instead of day.

Plus these are the invoices being generated. I already have more than 200 invoices all generated ever 12 hours, with the same people over and over again. Check the date… they are all the same.

This is a known bug in subscriptions. The module is practically unusable.


Thanks for the heads up. Would you suggest that I simply generate an invoice and then repeat that invoice on a monthly basis?

That’s probably the best solution till they fix the subscription module