Subscription "Current Invoice" dates are not updated

I run ERPNext v11.1.20 and I’m encountering a weird subscription behavior.
The subscription generates an invoice and does not update the “current_invoice_start” and “current_invoice_end” dates.
In this subscription, all plans are quarterly, so I would expect the dates to add 3 months.

What’s going on here?

Hi @hanselsen, is not the only error that has subscriptions, I recommend that you check the posts that are in discuss before you use it in production.


I ended up rewriting the process() method of so that it met our requirements.
Sadly a non-flexible solution for a core-module. Let’s hope a future version of ERPnext has a more solid foundation for this module.

Does the core ERPNext has been improved?
Can you share what your rewriting code is?

I got confused with the period of invoicing maybe because of this same problem. And more confuse if there is trial in the subscription.
Thank you

My other topic about the subscription dates.

But not yet responded :slight_smile: