Subscription is generating duplicate invoice after payment of the old invoice

I am facing the following issue,

I create a Monthly Subscription for a Customer. (Billing Interval is Monthly)
An invoice is generated for this subscription immediately when I click on ‘Fetch Subscription Updates’.
I make a Payment Entry for this invoice and I can see that the Invoice is set to ‘Paid’ status.

However, after some time(an hour or so) a new Invoice is generated for the same Subscription with the status ‘Unpaid’.

Not sure why this is happening. Why is there a new Invoice generated for the subscription after its old invoice is Paid.

Any help would be appreciated.


Suscriptions is not working properly

@Nahuel_Nso, do you have some workaround for this?

@megha_h, you fix this?

I dont see this issue in the version 12.4.3 of ERPNext.