Subscription Modifications

Hello! Good day,

We are planning to modify the Subscription Doctype.

Here are the following details:

  • Add Subscription Items to Subscription. Subscription will generate Sales Invoice/Sales order
    based on Subscription Items
  • Add fields for customer/supplier, Invoice Type (Could be Sales Order or Sales invoice for v1)
  • Allow Subscription to generate Sales Invoices and Sales Orders.
    Eg: User creates a subscription and the items involved in that subscription.
    • They cab also gets to choose what kind of invoice will be created based on the details of the subscription. (Optional)
    • An invoice will then be generated based on the subscription. So if the subscription is
      changed, the generated invoice will change as well. (Eg. if the subscription has Gold Support
      Plan with QTY 1 and users with QTY 3, then the invoice will have those items. If the
      subscription is not changed, then it will continue to create an invoice based on this setting.)
    • However, if you change the items in the subscription, like the QTY for users will now become
      5 instead of 3, the next invoice to be generated will now contain Gold Support Plan with QTY
      1 and users with QTY 5.

Any suggestions, comments, discussions are welcome.



Hi @ozner102

This is a very much welcome and needed enhancement

Many thanks

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This is a great modification for curred subscription doctype.

It would also be nice to be able to change the subject, body text and e-mail address for the e-mail notifications. The current subscriptions aren’t editable at all. I see no reason for this, since in the real business subscriptions will be editted (like a customer changing its e-mail address for example, or one of the features u already mentioned).

I would gladly help testing the modifications on the doctype.

I am just getting into the subscription model in ERPNext and looking for some folks with experience with it.
@ozner102 It seems like the subscription functionality exists as you outline it but from another Doctype (Sales Order/ Sales Invoice for example). To pull items out of one of those doctypes seems like a duplication at best and a problematic mismatch at worst; I think there has to be a better way to do it.
As I am exploring it, it seems like the subscription doctype just doesn’t give enough information for the user to be comfortable with it (like to @ozner102’s point about including [Sales Order, etc] items) and a list of dates that are included in the subscription and/or a calendar view of it.
The other functionality that seems to be missing is a way of creating a deferment (like skipping a weekly delivery) and the options for handling that.
It is common in agriculture to have a business model called a CSA where a fixed price is paid for X-weeks of items delivered directly to the consumer. The one-Sales-Order-to-many-Deliveries is also problematic with the current structure.

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Hi @ozner102

This is a very welcome and important modification. I’m happy to help you to get this available as soon as possible. We are having problems now because we have to create a complete new subscription when customers details or products prices have been changed.

Many thanks, Mark

I think the redesign and PR of the subscription module (as a stand alone module) was pushed by tundebabzy ( New subscription Management by tundebabzy · Pull Request #13146 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub ) and the “Auto Repeat” feature was separated to another doctype.

I’m not too sure on how the current subscription module integrates with Sales Order and Deliveries but I’d love to help with the redesign if needed.



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