Subscription Plan Comprised of Multiple Services

We sell a monthly service for Managed IT Services, essentially, for a fixed monthly cost/device we will manage the computers, printers, switches, servers, etc. in an organization. The price for each device may not be the same. For example:

“Managed IT Service [1 Printer]” - $100 x qty 2
“Managed IT Service [1 PC]” - $200 x qty 1

Total Subscription Price Monthly = $400

We bill this on a monthly basis - the cost of the plan will only change if the customer gets more devices, so ideally we would like the ability to create a subscription plan that contained multiple services (items) which we could edit the quantity of as needed. Is this possible within the framework of ERPNext’s “Subscription Plan” module?

I currently do not see a means by which to do this other than using a recurring invoice comprised of multiple items, but I could be mistaken.

Can you create one plan for every “device” and then edit the customer subscription with the new “plans” when they add devices?

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This sounds like what I am trying to do, but I’m not exactly sure how to accomplish what you are saying.

If I go under “subscription plans” and create a plan for each item, Example: “Managed IT Services - [1PC]”, “Managed IT Services - [1 Printer]” and tie it to a matching item, that I understand.

What I don’t understand is how can I combine these and bill these to the customer with one invoice each month?

When you have all the plans then you start to create all the subscriptions with the plans that are needed and the qty for each plan (for example, for 2 printers you use “Managed IT Services - [1 Printer]” and put qty 2) then, when a client adds a device, you can add a new plan to the correspond subscription (or alter the qty if the plan is already there)