Subscription reporting - Total revenue

I am trialling ERPnext and I am trying to see where I can see the total value of all subscriptions

So far I can only find a way of viewing the total # of subscriptions per Subscription plan. what I am looking for is the total annual revenue e.g. ARR/MRR

Hi welcome to ERPNext Adam,

This forum is has much to do with learning, so a snapshot or two to point to the context will help folks to clue in to what you refer to thanks

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So if I look at the Subscriptions at this URL Frappe Cloud

If I have 7 subscriptions which let’s say are web hosting at $100 per year I cannot see any $/£ value of each subscription or the total I just see colums for Name, Status, Customer, Subscription Start Date and the customize option does not show the Subscription Plan Value

What I am trying to work is how I see the total monthly / annual recurring revenue for those 7 subscriptions I have so in the example above it would show

Company 1   $100
Company 2   $100
Company 7   $100
Total ARR   $700

I get this “ is not available” and have not signed up.

Perhaps search the forum and github issues for pointers or bug reports?

Someone more informed may chime in with suggestions


AFAIK it is not available out of the box. The way subscriptions are managed in ERPNext you will be able to get the total amount from sales invoices created against subscriptions. But then how do we know that the sales invoice is created against a subscription ? The hack here is sales invoices created against subscriptions will have FromDate and ToDate values. So you can add these filters in sales invoices and use report builder to get the total amount.

I know its a bit awkward. Best is to code it up and push the changes.

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Thanks - I think we may be able to get the info we need by running a query against the Auto-repeat table for Sales Invoices and performing a join to the first record in the Invoice table to get the invoice value

I use subscription feature but i am not seeing any invoices in the auto-repeat table. Please do check auto-repeat feature in the manual because I feel you can have invoices other than subscriptions invoices in auto-repeat.

Thanks will do

@adammc Their is a “Tab Subscription Invoice” where you get all the invoices created against subscriptions. So you can create a join with “Tab Sales Invoice” and get the total amount of subscriptions.

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