Subscription system with timely reminders to customer before expiry of service

I have a scenario. A company with many customers that has expiry and renewal service date. I need a system that can send a reminder before the expiry date. Its a kind of membership too, where it has join and expiry date. I also want to achieve:

  1. Send reminder **2 months before the expiry date**. Or any flexible period before expiry date.
  2. Print a summary report of a contract/customer that shows the date the customer joined/key in and the renewal history, etc

If I where you I’d think of a more meaningful subject line.


Thanks. I have changed it.

lol. It’s still a very general subject line. Why don’t you summarise your issue or requirement in the subject?

wondering whether the subscription feature might be something to look into (didn’t use it myself, just bumped over it)

There. I think that fixed the post heading to make it easier to understand.

Ys, look at the subscription system which is existing in ERPNext.

@vrms, @Muzzy thanks for the Subscription suggestion.

My concern now is, can i disable the other module/features that I don’t use? For example, I just want to manage list of customers with the subscription details (joined and expiry date), without have to involve the other module.

For example, for now if i want to add new Subscription, it will ask me to add or involve the Item from Stock module. But I don’t want to use the stock module.

Do i have the choice? Or I need to use the whole ERP concept in ERPNext?

you can not disable anything in ERPNext (which is due to the monolithic concept of it), only hide certain modules from view.

uncheck the “Maintain Stock” option in the items and you won’t be forced to have the right amount of items in the appropriate Warehouse any longer