Subscription variable invoice

Hi Huys,

Not sure if anyone else needed this feature but in our business we send customers variable invoices every month. If i create invoice and create subscription based on that invoice, all the subscription does is duplicate that same invoice very month/day or what ever the frequency is.

What we want to do is every time subscription is generating a new invoice it should read some value from another doctype we created and add that to the previous invoice item quantity and generate the new invoice on the new quantity value.

Can anyone guide me if this is possible, has anyone made a solution for this?


I was under the impression that this feature would be available but I don’t think it is. Subscription for a collection of books or magazines or event monthly payments. In the invoice you should be able to put the exact information like the charge for following month. But current feature just duplicates the invoice.

is there no way we can add custom script on the subscription trigger that generates the invoices to change quantity or any other information.