Subscription with sales order

Hello ERPNext community!

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently exploring the Subscription module in ERPNext, and I’ve run into a situation where I need to create Sales Orders along with Invoices for my subscriptions. As of now, it seems that the Subscription module primarily focuses on generating invoices.

My question is: Is it appropriate to use the ‘Repeat’ feature for Sales Orders in this scenario? If so, how can I seamlessly link the Sales Orders and the Sales Invoices generated by the Subscription module?

I want to ensure a smooth workflow where Sales Orders are automatically created when a subscription is initiated, and these Sales Orders are then linked to the corresponding Sales Invoices. This linkage is crucial for tracking and managing orders efficiently.

Any insights, suggestions, or guidance on the best practices for handling sales orders in conjunction with the Subscription module would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!