Subtask on the task in the project template


I’m studying the part of the project to be done internally in the company and I came across the following thing.

I created the project called “Novo Projeto”, and I created 10 tasks within it:

1 Requirements Definition;
2 - Project Planning;
3 - System Design;
4 - Development;
5 - Testing;
6 - Implementation:
7 - Training and Documentation:
8 - Launching;
9 Maintenance and Support;
10 Review and Continuous Improvement.

And within each task I created the sub tasks:

And each sub task has its tasks:

But when I create a project using this template it only takes the first few tasks, whatever is in the subtask or below it doesn’t take over.

The structure I mounted on the model:

Project Template:

“Novo Modelo”
- Definition of Requirements
-Identify Stakeholders
-Define the Project Scope
-Elaboration of Functional and Non-Functional Requirements
-Prioritization of Requirements
-Validation of Requirements
-Documentation of Requirements
-Review and Approval of Requirements
-Requirements Change Management

Hello, I recall I faced something similar earlier and did a small work around to resolve this and improve the end user experience.
Please check if the following is useful for you;

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