Subtitles for videos

hi guys,

I see you put a lot of effort in providing us with videos, for which i want to thank you.
Unfortunately those videos are very difficult to understand, because of the indian english accent.
I already tried youtube’s automatic subtitles, but the quality of it is very bad.
Is it possible to provide your own subtitles for the videos?


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Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. Let me try and give attempt in few upcoming videos.

We gave priority to voice so that user can focus on video, and reading sub-title won’t be hinderance.

P.S.: Voice is in the american english accent :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your consideration.
We are (unfortunately) familiar with american or english accents only, that’s why we have trouble understanding indian english.
Voices with american or english accents are best to understand of course, but i know that it is very difficult to achieve if your staff are not native english speakers.
That is why I proposed subtitles, because you can always add them, even on existing videos.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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@umair, we tried to follow the videos, but it is really very difficult for us to understand the accent. Maybe you can consider a voice-over (can be a synthesized speech program), but I think subtitles will be the easiest thing to do.


Please allow me to track sub-titles with voice in my next video. For now, most of our help videos are coming in the form of webinar recordings.

exactly, so if the speakers want to transcribe their recordings with texts that would be great.
This is just a suggestion, I know you folks have already a lot of work to do.
It is just such a pity that there is much good quality video material available, that we cannot use because of that silly language issue :slight_smile:
anyway thanks a lot for your considerations @Umair!:+1:

I’m having the same issue with understanding the English accent. I think that using a text to speech engine with your help videos was a good solution but I do understand that it might be to much trouble to do that with your webinars.
On the other hand if you would like to add subtitles you have to put them in manual anyway so it’s probably not that much work to put them in to a text to speech engine after that.

I really like to subject of you webinars but I can’t really understand what you trying to say and by the time I’ve figured it out your moved already two chapters ahead :relaxed:

But please keep up the good work with your webinars :thumbsup:


Thanks for your suggestions. Now I really feel like starting a poll:

Help videos with audio Vs subtitles :slight_smile:

I shall discuss it internally with my colleagues and get back to you.

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You are right @Bas_de_Reus! Btw @Bas_de_Reus are you from the Netherlands?

Thank you @umair , that’s great !!


Yes I’m Dutch :slight_smile:

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I will be happy if there were subtitles for the videos too.
It’s true that video materials, made by Frappe team are useful, but the accent is a bit unusual and understanding of the speech can be a real challenge sometimes.

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Yes. As a newcomer to ERPNEXT I would have to agree. But I do appreciate the videos as they are very useful.


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ERPNext help video with audio as well as subtitles. Please check and review.


hi @umair,
I don’t see the subtitle ‘cc’ icon (it schould be next the options icon)?

Seems good. Occasionally the speech has an odd timbre but it is easier to understand for me.

Personally I would prefer a British voice instead of American but that’s personal taste and I’m British :wink:

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I don’know if the text to speech software you’re using supports more “voices” but maybe you can pick three different ones and make a poll about which one people like most?

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@umair, I liked the fact that you added the “chapters” + time info! :+1:

This is a help tutorial on how to manage stock, serialized and batch item in ERPNext, and how to update stock opening balance for them.

Item 0:12
Warehouse 0:24
Opening Stock Entry 0:45
Batched Item 2:00
Serialized Item 2:20
New Batch 2:40
Opening Stock Entry 3:01 

It would be perfect if you also could add the transcripted text below.
And if you feed this text to youtube, the subtitles will automatically be generated and synchronised in 1 click…

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