Suggest Agenda Points for the next ERNext Foundation Meeting


It’s time for the next ERPNext foundation meeting. And this time around, you would like ERPNext foundation members to suggest agenda points for the meeting. If you have any suggestion, feel free to add in the comments below. Starting with:

  • ERPNext Foundation Roadmap
2 Likes site road map


  • Add bounty system
  • Add forum profile link on service provider page, so that one can get info how much service provider and its member know Framework and help others
  • add upwork like future, so service provider get paid from site and will deduct 20% fees (same as upwork)

Marketing & SEO Roadmap and status.

We have paid tools to check SEO of site, if foundation want report, We can give SEO Report for ERPNext sites.
Also google analytic is very good tool integrated with ERPNext which can give all info for website visitors .


I’d like to propose to:

  • make a plan about how, when and in which detail to make the Foundation Accounts accessible (read-only) to a) Foundation members and b) the broad public
  • talk about whether there is an online voting mechanism (like we can use to organize voting on matters regarding the Foundation

In support for the goals of developing ERPNext further,

  1. Financial statement access and voting system (as stated above)
  2. Discussion of “Destination statement” for the Foundation an extremely useful tool to help in "building and enhancing ERPNext as an open source project. " This destination statement allows to measure results and know where ERPNext stands. I’ll share how this has been instrumental in my business growth and its basis.

Bangalore Chapter - Developer Workshop on 15th Sep 2017.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will be great if you could share the first-cut from of Destination Statement. It will also give a starting point for other members in the community to contribute. And then perhaps we can bring it up in the foundation call. Works?