Suggest production order

is there any feature in manufacturing module that for example when we want 5 turbine(turbine as manufactured item ) and we have 3 turbine stock suggest us to create 2 product order for turbine ?

Check Stock Projected Qty report.

Suppose you have received order for 5 turbines (Reserved Qty), but you have 3 in stock already (Actual Qty), then it will ask you to produce only 2 Qty (Project Qty).

Once you create Production Order for 2 Qty (Planned Qty), then Project Qty for an item will become zero.

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yeah tnx
but i mean when i received order for 5 items and i convert it to production order automatically if i have 3 items suggest to me to create production order for 2 qty in easy way
tnx for your help

That’s correct. Will be great if you can create Github Issue for this feature suggestion. If posible, we will try and accomodate this feature in the next upgrade (no commitment!).

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