Suggest some cheap and best dedicated servers

Dear Team,
I came to know that frappe team using dedicated server what about the worthiness and their support… or

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Have you tried and

I have used S4Y for about 3 years, they are quite fast and services also good. But i had used unmanaged servers so don’t know about managing services.

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i tried both hetzner, digitalocean, microsoft azure and others

digital ocean is the easiest to use, they have a very simple (but good) user interface, service is good, and price is ok

Microsoft Azure is very very difficult to use, and their portal is confusing and superslow (not the vm’s luckily). The reason of the difficulty is because they split a simple vm up in 1000 confusing services (with fancy names).

That way they can bill you for 1000 services instead for just 1 simple vm. They call that ‘a scaling infrastructure’. In practice that means that you need to try to make a working VM out of the 1000 puzzle pieces.
At the end of the month it is always a surprise for what, and how much that you need to pay.
Anyway I think the guys working at azure (and the likes) do everything to repel the customers.

I didn’t work heavily with amazon or google, but I don’t think they are any better. Amazon AWS is the inventor of the splitting up of VM’s in 1000 pieces, and billing you accordingly.

Hetzner is by far the cheapest on the internet, if you find better and cheaper let me know!
Their interface is a bit outdated and clumsy, but there is no place where you get more computing power for your buck.
I had both standalone bare metal servers as VM’s and both are very cheap and of surprisingly good quality. Also the support is very good, they offer even phone support … if you can bare their english with heavy german accent, that is.

@Helios, @dhruv_pandit ,@SOLOSOFT,@pee thanks to all and especially to @pee for such a detailed answer,let me go through all this and come back with my own experience

I agree 100% with what @pee wrote. The cheapest option I found was AWS. But be warned AWS is really confusing to setup and once setup the AWS billing structure is equally confusing…but it is cheap and fast. In the end I went with digitalocean as I only needed to host a few instances. I have found it to be incredibly fast even though we are based in Sydney Australia and the nearest DO server farm is located in Singapore.

Tx @System19, how do AWS instances compare with digitalocean droplets?
which AWS instance is similar in cpu/ram/disk/bandwith power as the simplest 5$ droplet (1core/512K/20G/1T)?
how does pricing compare for above 5$ droplet configuration?

ps: droplets and instances are newspeak for vm configurations

I use to host over 10 sites in 2Gb Ram of linode costs $10 per month.

It runs fast and okay so far…the price is so competitive

Here you go: Hosted in Germany.:slight_smile: