Suggestion: Add Effective Version Number to ERPNext Documentation

I think it would be very valuable to include what version features in the documentation apply to. For example, I was reading about BOM Templates Bill Of Materials (, and after spending a few hours trying to do in in v12, discovered it is only available in v13.



I’d also suggest that there should be a Wiki site with matching hierarchy of sections and subsections.

Every subsection in the official docs would have a link to its corresponding subsection in the Wiki where observations, corrections, enhancements and clarifications could be posted.

Hell, you could even call it crowdoc’in and make it a thing.

One other approach that I had liked was the Solidworks Documentation 2021 SOLIDWORKS Help - Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Online Help.

The Documents structure in the tree view were clearly defined, and a dropdown was available to find the documentation for each yearly release of Solidworks.