Suggestion: Allow Changing Expected Delivery Date (EDD) on Unstopping a SO

I think there should be a provision to change the EDD after we unstop
a SO, this is because in general scenario we can use the stop SO
option for following reasons:

  1. Short Close a SO (generally this would mean that the SO would never
    be unstopped)
  2. Payment from Party is OVERDUE or AWAITED (I know we have the Credit
    Limit scenario, but honestly speaking would any one even deliver
    material to a person who is not making previous payments, so we don’t
    even reach to the stage of invoicing if we are using DN)

In second scenario, basically if we unstop a client’s SO then the EDD
remains the same and I think that reflects a delayed delivery but in
real sense it was delayed due to customer’s end, so how do we manage
that thing.