Suggestion: Credit Controller should only be able to Edit the Credit Limit in a Customer

Well there is an option to define the Credit Controller (CC) in the Global Defaults, now I think this functionality is not making sense. As per my thinking a Credit Controller would be the one who could:

1. Authorize transactions for a customer even if they breach their Credit Limit.
2. Or CC can change the Credit Limit of the customer to allow more transactions.

Now what I have seen is that the CC does not really make any sense as if there is a breach in credit limit then any user who has the rights to change the master can go and set the Credit limit to a higher one and then do the transactions.

My suggestion is that we make the Credit Limit field non-editable for all users except for the credit controller. I don’t know if am sounding right to you people or not, but if my judgement is wrong then kindly let me know how is the CC supposed to work in ERP.