[Suggestion] Customize Form Behaviour with Depends on and Mandatory Field option

Using Setup > Customize Form we have a option putting eval conditions in Depends on section. Now, if I choice that the Field is Mandatory it will make the field mandatory even when eval is not true.

So, my suggestion is (or is there a way to do it that I miss - I know the new one frappe.toggle_reqd-)

if we choice Mandatory and some Depend on condition, the field should one be Mandatory then the eval is true.


I will discuss your suggestion with the team.

For now, you should write custom code to make the field mandatory using frappe.toggle_reqd and there you should use the same condition which you have used in Depends On condition.

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This is a great feature request. There is no reason why a field should continue to be mandatory when it is hidden because of a “depends on” rule.

Has a Github issue been created for this?

@nabinhait - Is this feature already part of of some branch? If not is this in pipeline for future releases

Any news about this feature ??

Does this work?