Suggestion for improvements [Projects]

When going through the following cycle: project > sales > manufacture planning > purchase > manufacture > shipping > invoice, I have noticed some small things here and there who would benefit from small improvement.

Here are my observations, not necessarily in order:

  • If we start the cycle by creating a project, within that project we link a customer and then use the Sales Order field to actually create a SO, the customer is automatically brought in the SO, but not the project. Inversely, if we use the + sign beside Sales Order at the top of the project, project is linked, but customer is left empty.
  • From a Material Request, when using either the + sign or Make > Production Order, the resulting Production Order is created without Operations, even if the BOM associated with the Item has Operations. Re-selecting the BOM brings in Operations.
  • On the project form, under the “Related Documents” section, Production Order could be useful
  • There could be a place on the Customer doctype to enter a default Mode of Payment. It could then be fetched when making a Payment entry against that customer