Suggestion for Query Reports in ERPNext Cloud


It appears Query Reports may still be unavailable to ERPNext Cloud users in V11 yet we really need a way to generate meaningful reports on the system. As has been stated severally on the forum over the years, the current Report Builder is grossly inadequate because it only works with a single table

If the restriction on Query Reports (for ERPNext Cloud Customers) is only because of concerns over the ‘security’ of custom queries, then could we have a moderated system at least? The System Manager could create the report within their ERPNext account and then assign to the ERPNext Team for review and ‘Submission’ before it becomes active. There might even be a small administrative charge for each review requested

Reports (and ultimately, the intelligence drawn from them) are the whole point of an ERP and customers on the ERPNext cloud shouldn’t be deprived of this important resource. If anything, they should be rewarded

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fully agree

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