Suggestion: Improvements in Follow Ups

In quotation and enquiries there is an option to update the follow-up on that particular quote or enquiry but I feel some things are missing. I would try and explain them as below:

1. Follow up should also be there for a Customer as well, this is particularly helpful to track the frequency of contact to that particular customer.
2. Now the communication history should also capture the name of the user or the sales person, so it is easier for a report to be generated like how a particular user is doing in his/her daily chores.
3. Also it should capture the next date of follow-up if any and that date should become a task or event for that user on the due date. Now I am saying a task because if say I have made to follow-up a customer with a call to them but on the date of the even I am not able to make the call then the event would not show up on the proceeding day thereby I would forget to make the call, but if its a task then it would show up as a not completed task and on completing it would update the communication history.

I agree. Followup for enquiries (opportunity/quotation) is not intuitive and simple. We generally have 15-20 enquiries received on daily basis. Over the period of time, it gets cluttered up and it’s becoming very difficult to prioratize and ensure that each enquiries are being given proper justice.

Any plan on this front?

@Deven_Shah, We have a similar volume too. Status “Open” works well for us.