Suggestion on possible workflow for managing response to call for proposals

We normally respond to call for proposal from government, development agencies or companies. We would like to use erpnext to manage this process for us. Generally this will involve the following:

  1. A government / development agency / companies issues a call for proposal
  2. The call for proposal will have:
    2.1 date, time, venue for a briefing session / no briefing
    2.2 date, time for proposal closure (i.e response to the proposal should be submitted by)
  3. We will prepare the proposal, that will have the following:
    3.1 proposed solution
    3.2 costing of the solution
  4. Were we successful or not

In essence we would like to track the following - Briefing session process, Due date process, Proposal costing and Proposal outcome.

Since I am new to erpnext I would appreciate pointers, was thinking of using the Lead - Opportunity - Quotation workflow?

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Yes I think you can use Lead Opportunity & Quotation. Also Project maybe?

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@zizi: this is the right direction as for using Lead - Opportunity - Quotation workflow. Idea of @johnskywalker is pretty good as an extension point to this workflow - whenever you win the opportunity and Quotation is accepted by the new customer, you will create a new project doctype instance in the system.

This will be more then enough to start with that on your end. Over time, as your company is get used to manage CRM workflows from inside ERPNext, you may want to think of customization/tweaks (something in a range from simple tweaks of the sales funnel reporting up to a sophisticated yet innovative idea to visualize your leads/opportunity progress/status through the brand-new Kanban board feature introduced by ERPNext v.8 recently).

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