[SUGGESTION] Quality Improvement by Feature Freeze and Refinement

I’m not sure on where to put this.
I love ERPNext and the potential it has. But it frustrates me, everywhere I go, I’m bound to experience error/bugs. Even with the installation, I already encountered issues. Few weeks back, I was about to recommend ERPNext to a client, but given the state that it is now, it’s hard for me to justify why ERPNext over other more “mature” and stable software.

I believe it’d be good to do one release just to sort out all the existing issues and perhaps put the addition of new features to a pause. Otherwise, the issue backlogs are just gonna keep piling up.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this.


I understand the point for view you’re presenting, but I’d say in defence of the ERPNext team that they are responding to requests as they come. The forum is filled with good ideas for feature implementation, many of which are needed to facilitate prospective users. It’s a very difficult job to balance debugging and new feature implementation, and I think that the team has done a really good job with this.

We have just seen the release of a brand new version with a number of new features in the past few weeks and, naturally, there are a bunch of new bugs that need to get sorted through. I have found the team very responsive to fixing bugs as they are brought forward. I hope that the next few weeks and months will have a greater focus on debugging than the past few have, but there are also a number of features I really want to see implemented, so I’m split as well.

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Frappe / ERPNext software is Free Open Source software, what does that means?
It means we have freedom to improve and contribute to make it a great software for all of us.

Frappé Team is very responsive, professional, highly motivated and dedicated to core to make software experience best for community without commercializing core product, which itself is a huge thing to do. Now it’s our responsibility as a beneficiary of all wonderful software technology to make it even more successful by contributing in our own way.

Plus recent good news of forming of Foundation which is more open and trusted way to collaborate, engage and grow mutually with this wonderful product and community.

So long story short: I encourage everyone to collaborate if you cant support commercially by donating or sponsoring to the cause,
We can use all help as small / as big as possible, some areas in which you may able to assist without any commitments:

  1. Finding and Reporting Bugs / Issues / Ideas.
  2. Correcting and Improving Users / Developers Manuals.
  3. Correcting and Improving Translations.
  4. Assisting Users and Developers on Discussion Forum (here).
  5. Sharing your valuable experiences with community.
  6. Actively sponsoring features and software development for benefit of everyone.
  7. Inviting your fellow business friends to use this wonderful free open source software which comes without any proprietary licensing / requirements / complex locking terms.
  8. By sharing it with practically with everyone to whom it matters most.

We can definitely do our best to help team to reduce their load and make it financially equally viable for them to keep doing what they have built and adore.

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