Suggestions about recurring documents

We had some suggestions about recurring documents.

  1. Next Date is generated by code and cannot changed by user. How about make next date be able to change by user?
  2. Now the generated recurring documents are submitted and invoice will be mailed automatically. But sometimes we need check this invoice first, so how about add a checkbox, goes current work flow when checked, when unchecked just generate a draft document only without sending email.
    I already tried to change code to implement those two suggestions and run well. I’d like to discuss if the suggestions are feasible for generic before I pull a request.
    Any reply will be appreciated.

@Jasmine looks good :slight_smile: send the PR

btw, this is also good, do you want to fix/close it General Ledger improvement for cost/management accountants by ShashaQin · Pull Request #4747 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

@rmehta Thanks for your reply! Sure, I’ll fix #4747 shortly then pull a new request for this recurring.