Suggestions on using ERPNext for UBER like service

Hi Experienced people

I want to implement ERPNext in the company i am working currently which is a ride sharing service like uber. Their requirement is that we should be able to track the revenues from the drivers as well as the individual cars. It goes fine till the Driver owns a single car but it gets complicated if he owns more than one cars. How should i get past this hurdle?

I guess you have to build your own extensions.

The team from were also implementing ERPNext. Maybe they can share some tips!

@neeraj_yadav @Neha_Soni

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I hope they share the tips…

@neeraj_yadav & @Neha_Soni, a bit of help here please.

It would be awesome if @neeraj_yadav @Neha_Soni could share all their tips about this topic.

Thanks in advanced