Suggestions required for migrating from V12 to V13

Hi Great Communitity members,

My company is actively using ERPNext V12 in a self-host server.
I have made a quite a few customizations (By adding custom fields to existing customer doctype, create new doctype etc) on a few custom apps.

However we did have a fork of the official frappe and erpnext repositories and made some changes to small things like the layout of the doctypes in desk (for modules).

I am planning to upgrades both ERPNext and Frappe to V13 as the new UI looks stylish and think they will provide better experience for my users. But I did know there is some breaking changes to the accounting ledger part (immutable ledger?)

I am wondering what else should I be watching out during the migration. Please kindly share your experience and tricks during/after the migration so that the whole commmunity and myself can benefits from it.

Thank you in advance! :grinning:

I would suggest you to clone the production into your local environment and try the upgrade there, and keep making notes as you encounter errors and fix them. Not a good idea to run the update directly on production. And, always have backups!

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and after upgraded successfully (finger-crossed :sweat_smile:) :

  • Test all of your existing data (reports)

  • Test all of your customer business cases, by replicating their inputs from scratch, including amendments

if you can isolate the changes between versions, you can narrow down the test to that specific area.

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