Suitable Configurations for best performance


i want to know that what is the suitable configurations for taking best performance?
i have a server on digital ocean with 64GB RAM, 200GB SSD, 8vCPUS.

what i already did
increased background and gunicron workers in common site config

 "background_workers": 4,
 "gunicorn_workers": 17,

and increase innodb_buffer_pool_size to 32G

default_storage_engine  = InnoDB
innodb_buffer_pool_size = 32G
innodb_log_buffer_size  = 8M
innodb_file_per_table   = 1
innodb_open_files       = 400
innodb_io_capacity      = 400
innodb_flush_method     = O_DIRECT

but still server performance is not very good, many times i am facing lock wait timeout error, try restarting transaction.

and select @@innodb_buffer_pool_size/1024/1024 still showing 768

please help to get me the best performance according to my server specs.




Please read this : ERPNext Performance Tuning · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub


Did you restart mariadb server after configuring? Maybe the changes haven’t taken any effect at all.

You can use something like Percona Monitoring tools to get more insights on how mariadb is performing.

What’s roughly your database size?

yes i restarted mariadb service and database size is about 600MB.
i think there should be another file which needs to be upgraded.