Sum in HTML Table or other solution

Hello friends!

I hope someone can help me

I have this table, which should add the cell above

some idea

I have to replicate this excel table and HTML was what I got. Do you have any other solution?

You need to look into creating a custom script report.

If there a report already existing on the system that is close to what you want?

sorry this is not a report
The idea of ​​this table is that only the first column takes data from the doctype
the other columns must add the data in the column above

One simple way would be to:

  1. Calculate and Display values using custom script. This can be done on refresh or setup events. You might want to consult Frappe Developer Cheat Sheet
  2. Other option would be to have few fields that get computed and stored every time a DocType gets updated.

Option #1 would be compute heavy meaning if you have lots of rows you’d be computing every-time a DocType gets loaded

Option #2 would have a bit more code complexity.

Either one should work. What DocType are you trying to get this working for?