Summary of all entries passed during the day/period

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to know all transactions/Entries passed during the day or particular period(i.e. from particular date range).
These entries passed may be of earlier months or previous period.
Kindly guide how can i get this report from ERP Next ?


You can check Activity Logs from Setup > Tools > Activity.

You can create customized report based on cummunications from Support > Communications > Reports.

Check following video link to know more :

Add this feature request as Issue on GitHub.


Prakash H

Thanks Mr Prakash for your kind and quick response.
I followed tools-activity and found various entries passed by different users.
I found ID of same user gets changed with different entries.
How i can get all the entries passed by different users as a signle report which can be possible to get date wise or between two dates ?
If I want to get reprots from Userwise then how can I ?

Thank you in advance.

Dear @nitinunadkat

Have received any solution for this?