Summary of ERPNext Foundation call on 22nd June

Hello Everyone,

Here is the summary of ERPNext @Foundation meeting conducted on 22nd June.

Developers Update

In the earlier meetings, members suggested deploying resources to make ERPNext more stable. On the same lines, ERPNext Foundation developers @tundebabzy and @vishdha are currently working on the Github Issues which are tagged as Bug.


Foundation has completed the hiring of two more developers. Once they join, the foundation will have 4 developers in total.

Foundation Website

The profiles of foundation developers will be added on the foundation website.

Also, foundation will publish financial statements on quarterly basis. We will publish reports for the first quarter in July, 2017.

User Update and GST (for India)

It’s great to have members who are ERPNext end users joining the call. We learned that most of the Indian users are waiting for the GST update in ERPNext. We have completed the development for GST and it is expected to release in the next week. Also, members suggested that we should do some marketing around it by promoting ERPNext as a solution compatibility for GST taxation management.

@jai_kejriwal also shared his implementation experience. Being into agri-services, he hired couple of developers to customize ERPNext as per the business requirement. However, main challenge was faced in the implementation. His accountants were pretty comfortable with the legacy accounting software and hence resisted switching to ERPNext.

Always suggested to start implementation with the existing features, before investing resources in the customizaton. Also, having a parallel system in place can delay the implementation. Stopping legacy systems completely can fasten the process. Modulewise implementation also helps in implementation. Always look at ERPNext implementation as change management in the companies information system. It evolves with time!

Local Chapters

Jayram has been communicating with many prospects in North America, Singapore and locally in India. We can soon expect few local chapters getting functional. More update to come on this from Jayram.

Also, Jayram shared the initiative of ERPNext Bangalore Chapter where they are meeting executives of the large organizations and educating them about ERPNext and open source.

Foundation Governance Council

It was decided that for now, foundation will functional based on the consensus of members in the foundation call. When we have a enough members for contesting elections and voting, we will re-consider the formation of Foundation Governance Council.

ERPNext Conference/Workshop 2017

This year’s ERPNext Conference will be organized by the ERPNext Foundation. The tentative dates for the conference are 12th, 13th and 14th October. We will soon release a schedule for each day.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.