Summary of Foundation Call on 11th May

Hello Everyone.

Here is the summary of the foundation call.


As per popular demand, we will retire the google groups and move discussions as a private category on the forum. Umair will do the migration.

Recruitment Update

The foundation has received 4 good applications so far. Talks are going on with 3 applicants. We have decided to hire @vishdha as the first foundation employee (Vishal is also a member!)

Fund Raising

With 2 more committed gold members, we will cross 30k. It was decided to raise foundation goal to 50k


It seems that issue tagging will get completed in another week. The next goal will be to define a roadmap. Members felt it would be a good idea to define a broad strategic roadmap with features, documentation and other goals. It was decided that we should identify someone who can take a lead in presenting a strategic roadmap to the community. This person should ideally have a breadth of information and experience in the ERP industry and it was decided to invite someone from the community to take a lead. This person will form a small group and they will present a draft of the roadmap that the foundation can then discuss and take forward.

If you are interested in building a roadmap, please reply to this post!

Local Chapters

The local chapters feature on is ready and will be deployed next week. We will bootstrap with a few chapters like Bangalore, Mumbai, US-North East (?) and then we it becomes a benchmark for others to follow. We hope to start with 3-5 chapters soon!

Whats in for the members?

There was a discussion on why should someone become a member of the foundation. What benefits do they get?

From the end-user perspective @dominik shared that his goal would be to ensure the long term sustainability and growth of the ERPNext project and also the shared resources will drive long term goals that are common for the commnity like better documentation. Also the formation of local chapters is important to build a thriving user community.

From the service provier perspective @JayRam said that the most important things are visibility and credibility. The service provider listing gives visibility to the service provider and also the credibility that comes with positioning as an official foundation partner.


Foundation members wanted to start some merchandise for the foundation. So we will invite art-work from the community and also setup a web-store ( @Sagar_Vora agreed to find vendors that can ship internationally.

Foundation Code of Conduct

@JayRam proposed that all foundation members should ensure that all their improvements are pushed back into the product as a code of conduct. We will discuss further and invite responses in the next call.


It was decided that the Bangalore chapter will have a dev workshop and the Mumbai chapter will have a code sprint on GST for India. Stay tuned for dates.

Please share your feedback and comments!


Sorry my connection was weak and I couldn’t get all the discussion.

If interested in could help for the road map, but actually not leading. I think someone from frappe, as you guys have a deep knowledge of the framework and erpnext, would lead group.

About merchandise, I actually have a contact in Canada, they are already doing for deliverying all over the world …i’ll share infos with @Sagar_Vora.


@JoEz As discussed on foundation meeting, we (Frappe team) neither have enough knowledge from the user perspective, nor from service provider perspective. Someone from community who has good user and service-provider perspective with good experience in ERP industry, should be the ideal person to lead the roadmap.

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@nabinhait it’s ok …actually not me :grin:, i can help for sure in retail shop chains needs and order replenish point of view.

I’m really happy to see that the roadmap is getting priority.

Hi Guys,

Apologies for not attending the last few meetings. I am following the minutes though. Are there tools that allow for collaborative development of roadmaps with versioning etc. A wiki of sorts? I think having such a tool would improve the process as well as the quality of the output. Have a look at
Openbravo roadmap - OpenbravoWiki . I see the tool in use here is . Would be great to see if we can find something similar that’s open source.

As an active ERP consultant with experience implementing and supporting users across Finance and integrated modules such as MM & PM I’m happy to contribute to the draft roadmap. Sadly work engagements make it difficult to take more responsibility at this point.


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@Chude_Osiegbu this might be work looking at GitHub - loomio/loomio: Loomio is a collaborative decision making tool. We have used it for a few chamber of commerce for there committees and it has worked great for them.

Hi @woakes070048,

Looks interesting. Can threads be created hierarchically in loomio? This would allow for the grouping of related topics under a parent thread e.g.

|__ General Ledger
| |__Chart of Accounts
| |Journal Entry
| |Bank Statement Processing
| |

Accounts Payable
| |Vendor Master Data
| |Purchase Invoice
| |Payment Processing
| |

Accounts Receivable
| |Customer Master Data
| |

Integration Points
| |__Selling
| |__Buying
| |Human Resources
| |Maintenance
| |

Asset Accounting
|Master Data

If this is possible then with all the other features (comments and proposals), it does look worthy of consideration by the foundation.


@vishdha Congratulations Vishal and welcome aboard. Here’s wishing you every success in the new role.


thanks JayRam

Just started a basic roadmap document Roadmap · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

Feel free edit, post based on your thoughts.

Please don’t just dump your wish list on this page. The foundation will have limited resources.

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Portal for supplier is already in development?

can we add this topic about how open Foundation Communication should be to the agenda?

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