Summary of Foundation Call on 16th November 2017

Guidelines for Module Leaders and volunteers by @nabinhait

  • Module volunteers meet on call Weekly or Fortnightly
  • Discuss one month roadmap for module
  • Module Milestone will be created for the Month
  • 5-6 Issues per Module Milestone
  • Discussion and proposal on
  • Github issue created for detailed specifications
  • Dummy data files (xlsx, csv, txt) share on google drive/dropbox and post link on issue
  • Private group on discuss forum will be created as per request. Module Leaders can contact @revant_one
  • Accounting module call to be scheduled next week

Non members on Foundation Call

  • Foundation Call will be for foundation members
  • Module Leaders can be invited on Foundation Call if they have put forward their discussion on agenda.
  • Module Leaders, Module volunteers, community members and foundation members can have separate calls as needed


  • Foundation website to have fellows page
  • Discuss Forum will show Tag next to fellow user
  • Service Provider page to show tag (Fellow)
  • In case of service provider, Organization and Individual fellow is same for now
  • Fellowship is decided to be given for life.
  • Next Fellowship list will be up in next 3 months
  • In 2019 Fellowship duration will be revisited

Finance Committee:

  • Inquire Treatment of Revenue for Foundation. Legal aspects @FinForce
  • Finance committee to decide on Foundation Budget. Start thread on Discuss
  • More details discussed in next call after community post.

Chapter Registration:

  • Organize Chapters on Foundation Website:
    • New Chapters
    • Mention chapter heads
    • Mention meetup links
  • Please share chapter details with @revant_one

Announcements :

  • Requirement for manual tester shared on forum Opening for a full time Software Tester
  • Announcement by Indonesia Chapter - Developer training and networking meetup Jan 17 or 19 2018, Jakarta
  • Foundation will cover shortfall to support initiative of the Chapter
  • Ahmedabad Developer Training on 8th and 9th Dec 2017
  • Mumbai Meetup tomorrow 17 Nov 2017 2pm - 5pm - Topic : UAE VAT

Hi, Found type.

It should be Ahmedabad.

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Can Developer training be organized at Pune? What is the mechanism to make this happen?

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Pune Chapter recently organised a code sprint. They can help you.

@JayRam @revant_one @rmehta
I have reviewed all the aspects of accounting and taxation treatment for section 25 company and its exemption of income u/s 12AA of income tax act. I have following questions to clarify the quoted question:

  1. may I please get a copy of public docs of ERPNext Foundation Section 25 company?
  2. are we registered u/s 12A and 80G of income tax for claiming the tax exemption? if yes - please share certificates of approval.
  3. who is the best person to understand various revenue streams of ERPNext foundation, and planned expenses? (this is important to comply with regulations with optimised utilization of fund).

Want to organize Meetup in Gujarat Chapter @ Vadodara location.

  1. How do we can take this forward ?!
  2. What are the Resources we can get from Foundation in terms of any Financial / User Awareness Training or Workshop etc ?!
  3. How do we can have a hand holding mechanism ?!