Summary of Foundation Call on 1st June, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Here is the summary of weekly call of ERPNext Foundation.


Roadmap committee shared preliminary list of 50 issues to be added in the roadmap. Jayram suggested roadmap committee can further filter it which can be delivered in the next 6-7 weeks. If possible, it will be made public so that, community members can express their views on it.

Nabin suggested that we should have buffer time after every major release, so that community can do beta testing, report issues, and get it fixed. Gunnar suggested defining version for each roadmap as well.

Local Chapters

Jayram has been communicating with the members from USA, Singapore and some other countries to form a local chapter. He has committed that we will have at-least one local chapter formed, published and functional in two weeks from now.

Members Listing

Gunnar suggested we should have a dedicated listing for all the foundation members. This will also address the listing of members who are not Service Providers.


Sagar evaluated some vendor for t-shirts. We have defined a target of one month to have at-least one t-shirt designed, and logistics figured out.

Foundation Council

Discussion on Foundation Council and Jayram’s proposal on committees will be done in the next foundation meeting.


Yes! However I would change this to “before” release. Establish a release candidate (e.g. 9.0-rc1) branch that we can use to pull and test on. Would there need to be some bench updates to support this?

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I am continue thinking that trello could help you to organizate roadmaps. That spreadsheet is a perfect example.

Another thought occurred to me. In the list of items, row 7 says “Automate outgoing payments”. There is no git issue for this item for me to comment on, so I guess I will do it here. First, this is fantastic idea. Second I would like to add to this a little bit, especially for purchases. We have a number of recurring monthly purchases that are the same amount every month. It would be great if the system can be configured in such a way as to automatically process these so a human doesn’t have to. The purchase invoice and payment entry are done automatically. My accountant can attach scanned invoice at a later date, but the rest is all done by the system. This in conjunction with the work you want to do on bank reconciliation (row 4, git issues 5903 & 2184) would go a good ways to reducing work load in accounts module.

There are other items about revamping documentation. I am all for that! Is there any thoughts given to breaking docs out to their own repo in github? I asked in another discussion thread at some point about this option. My main computer is a windows laptop. Having to build docs on a linux machine is a bit of a pita - too many steps. If there is a way to also have a local “windows” build script (can be a python file I run) to locally render the documentation out of MD and into HTML to test before commit that would be fantastic.