Summary of Foundation Call on 1st Mar 2018

Marketing :

  • Umair shared costs and insights from
  • Although the online advertisement (google) costs are not as high as expected, we are open to prioritize organic marketing.
  • Discussions required to track vistior to member conversion, measure goals and
    prioritize visitor engagement, Deepak welcome to take lead.
  • Rushabh discussed visitor cycle Discover - Learn - Use - Struggle - Benefit
  • Idea to add community reviews for ERPNext on was discussed

Activities related to promoting free and open source software :

  • Foundation to evangelise open source software and increase awareness about importance of FOSS
  • Dhananjay suggested bounty should have newsletter from sent to community and service providers.
  • Nabin said an issue from the previous bounty was sent as PR by Babatunde and it is not merged.
  • Discuss post for foundation members to nominate next batch of fellows -
  • Mumbai Hackathon will be done by frappe this year.
  • Foundation is encouraged to do code sprint, conduct FOSS competitions and tie up with colleges and education institutions for hackathons.

Community interaction features suggested :

  • Country-wise tagging of community users
  • Evangelise open source in app
  • User Forum connectivity in App / In app “Ask Community” button
  • Prioritise feature discovery for new community users
  • Upload more videos

Other Notes :

  • Discussion required for role of security office
  • Deepak wish to volunteer and further brainstorm ideas with community and foundation members.

Country-wise tagging of community users
Can you consider tagging with geo-location it may need integration with google maps.

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Most people I know consider geo tagging them as invasion of privacy. I don’t want to be tagged. People should have an option of what information they want to share.

Great feature to be used wisely and optionally :slight_smile:


True, but few areas in the world are so sensitive about this as the German speaking countries (D, CH, A)

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One set a daily max and automatic bidding…If you set $10 per day…Google will make sure that u spend this amount :slight_smile:

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