Summary of Foundation Call on 9th November 2017

Points discussed

  • Hire one employee under foundation to manually test PRs
  • Post opening for tester on forum or use employee references
  • Post for List of Recommended communication apps for module teams to communicate @kolate_sambhaji
  • Module leaders initiate calls and communication with their group
  • Module leaders communicate their milestones with @revant_one
  • Foundation website fellowship PR tested and approved by @kolate_sambhaji
  • Fellowship discussion postponed to next week.
  • Meetup in Mumbai for this month will be announced. @nabinhait
    • Brainstorming session for Localization, UAE VAT as per specification shared by @Sami_Tayara
    • Encouraging and increasing number of community volunteers as maintainers
  • Mockups will be shared on forum for discussion
  • New website will separate members under About Us. Suggestion by @umair

Thanks for the Summary @revant_one and congrats for your new role :+1:
ERPNext is in good hands :clap:

Sorry I missed Foundation Call yesterday, couldn’t make it as I was away.

BTW, since the engine is starting to run now, a lot of people are contributing and the Foundation Call is leaning towards more into developers, whereas I’m not a qualified developer yet. As I’m a Foundation Member, do I have to attend it all the time or is it okay for me to attend it once in every occasion? :grinning:

Asking @revant_one and also @umair


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Foundation call is for every foundation member to participate. You can attend as many calls as you wish. Try to attend all calls :slight_smile:

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Noted sir :wink::+1:

During recent module volunteers discussion, it was decided to allow non-foundation members as module leaders/volunteers. That is certainly good as community volunteering might be more expensive than the individual membership, when done properly. So I would suggest to include module volunteers as well in the foundation cal. This also means volunteering isn’t simply mentioning ones name in the volunteers page…

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For module volunteers we can always have a call with relevant people. We don’t need to wait for foundation call.

For my first foundation call, I followed how previous calls were taken.
The weekly call is announced on Private Discuss group for ERPNext Foundation.
Historically call summary is posted on forum for public.

Currently there are very few people actually speaking on the call. There are many who attend and listen. People who want to speak and share ideas can make the call more active.

My suggestion,

  • Fortnightly call for Foundation business. Only for foundation members.
  • Fortnightly call for Foundation members and volunteers combined.

Also, some volunteers are members. Please become an individual member. Invite goes to all members.

@JayRam any thoughts?

Module Leaders invited on foundation call in case they have to share things with foundation members.