Summary of Foundation meeting on 8th June, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Here is the summary of ERPNext Foundation meeting conducted on 8th June, 2017.

ERPNext Roadmap

The Github Issues with most likes (:+1: ) was added to ERPNext version 9 milestone.

Members suggested that foundation should also deploy resources to improve stability and test coverage of ERPNext. Hence all the Github Issues tagged as Bug were moved under ERPNext version 8.1 milestone.

Currently, Foundation has hired two developers. It was decided that initially one develop will work on increasing test coverage and other on resolving Github Issues in milestone 8.1.


It was decided that foundation will hire two more developers (total 4). In the long term, their job profile will also include educating ERPNext community by conducting workshops and training so as to enable more contributions.

Local Chapters

Local chapter for the cities Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore will soon be announced on Jayram has the call with prospect of North America chapter. Based on the outcome of the meeting, local chapter will be announced for the said region.

Code Sprint

Foundation’s Mumbai chapter recently organised a code sprint to make ERPNext compatible for GST taxation. Please click here for more updates on the code sprint. Foundation encourages all the local chapters to take initiatives in organising code sprints. Also, it will be great approach to work on Github Issues added in version 9 milestone.

Foundation Council

Most of the members agreed to clauses suggested in the post of ERPNext Foundation Governance Council. We will keep it open for another week, so that other members can add suggestions. We will take final call on it in the next week.