Summary of the Foundation meeting on 5th May

Hello all,

Here is the summary of the last meeting.


  • We had a good start with 25% coverage. We hope this will be done in 3 weeks as planned.
  • It was also recommended that the community start adding a :+1: sign on issues they like, so it can help in identifying the roadmap

Local Chapters

  • It was decided we go with local chapters (instead of country chapters)
  • Anyone who wants to start a chapter must propose to the foundation a plan for the chapter and the region (city, region, country) the want to cover. The chapter head must be a member.
  • Rushabh to create a section for chapters on the website
  • Jay / Herabelle to post the details on the forum


  • It was decided that it would be fine hiring from the forum, even though it would attract developers already working with existing Service Providers.
  • Rushabh would post on the forum (done)
  • A walk-in session for fresh developers will be held in 2nd week of June (after the fresh batch graduates)


  • Various marketing activities were discussed
  • It was decided to do Facebook ads etc with an intent
  • Rushabh will add a newsletter sign up feature on the foundation site.
  • Jay will plan an ERPNext introductory event in Bangalore.