Sunmi POS Machin Printing Issue

Daer All
I have issue on the sunmi v2 pos Machin I’ve try all the ways to print out the invoices from web browser , mobile app from version 12 & 13 but i cant print till now any one here has face this issue

Hey @m.rashwan

Nice to see you active again on the community!

I’m amazed the POS even works on this tiny mobile like hardware. Could you please make a recording of how a POS based sale looks and post it here.

AFAIK, Built-in printers on android need some configs within the Native settings to tell it to print whatever print requests via that printer. This one specifically IDK.

Are you able to print other things with it?

Yes all other programs is working without any problem this issue is coming only when you need to print from erpnext web and mobile app
Not) There’s no error message

You would need to use this app with raw print format. long back had this configured on same sunmi device, think its V2 model. Worked after many days of trying.

I think we need to attach barcode scanner based printer… IMO

Dear Muzzy,

I’m facing this issue with Sunmi V2 device, its not printing and no error messages, I would appreciate if you share the command you are using with this device.

Thanks in advance for your time

Dear Muzzy,

sorry for bothering you, but as you mentioned it work finally, did you just add the raw printing command or that needed to edit the source code further.

we are in the same situation with almost a week trying to solve the printing issue.

I would appreciate your reply very much.

Thanks in advance

Hi. Sorry for delay in replying. Had done it long back with help of @iRaySpace he is tagged. If he is around then maybe he can assist. I only remember that raw print app was used and I think we used raw print format. Sorry can’t assist more than what I can’t recall.


If I can remember, we passed ESC/POS commands through the print service.



Thanks all for your time and the replay I was helpful. :grinning: