Super Slow on Submit/Save

Well I decided to brave the upgrade to v8 and found that there were too many issues and so I reverted to my v7 snapshot which I took just before the upgrade. Perhaps coincidence, but since restoring my v7 instance I have found that database is super, super slow. On save/submit I often sometimes wait 30 or more seconds. No fun:(

Anyhow, I tried adding Swap space on my VPS thinking it was RAM but that made no difference. I also ran myslqtuner (per other recs here) and do see a couple of fragmented tables. I’m not sure there I am chasing my tail here so I decided to put this out on the forum for input. Basically, been staring at a “saving” greyed out screen for 5 minutes waiting for the page to refresh.

Curious if others had similar issues in the past on self hosted instances and what the corrective measure was. MariaDB locked tables seems to be the culprit in other past post…or maybe not.

V8 has a different Database Schema than V7. Was the DB reverted back when you restored the snapshot?

I took a snapshot of the whole machine, not just the database. The image I restored from was pre-version 8 so the database was presuambly with the v7 schema.

That’s odd. It should be working fine on snapshot restore. Have you tried creating a new machine and then applying the snapshot there?

No. I am pretty sure that I need to optimize tables but don’t know what to do. I am pretty sure now that I think of it that this “slowness” started after I starting running the database backup to Dropbox. Not sure if others have seen this issue but I might put that out on a separate thread.