Supervisorctl is not running in frappe service: frappe-manager

I tried to install frappe using frappe-manager, on Debian 12, and got:

frappe@Debian12:~$ time fm create
✅ Created all required directories.
✅ Started bench services.
✅ Configured common_site_config.json
✅ Configured frappe server
✅ Configured supervisor configs
✅ Configured frappe app's branch -> version-15
✅ global-db:3306 is available after 0 seconds
✅ hsrcom-redis-cache:6379 is available after 0 seconds
✅ hsrcom-redis-queue:6379 is available after 0 seconds
✅ hsrcom-redis-socketio:6379 is available after 0 seconds
✅ Removed prebaked app erpnext
✅ Removed prebaked app hrms
✅ Created bench site
✅ Installed app frappe in site.
❌ Error Occured: :
❌ There has been some error creating/starting the bench.
🔍 Please check the logs at /home/frappe/frappe/logs/fm.log
🤔 Do you want to remove '' [yes/no]: no

frappe/logs/fm.log has:

DEBUG: $ supervisorctl restart frappe:
DEBUG: unix:///var/run/supervisor.sock no such file
WARN: restarting supervisor group `frappe:` failed. Use `bench restart` to retry.

Where I am wrong, and what can be done?