Supplier Certification - Expiry Notification?

Does anyone know if this is possible?

We have some suppliers who have an externally awarded certification, which expires and must be renewed. If this certification has expired, we should no longer order from them until we receive the new certificate.

Is it possible to add this expiry to a supplier and automatically generate warning emails when the expiry date is approaching?
Is it possible to prevent a supplier being used if certification has expired?



In the supplier master create a new field for Certification expiry date via Customize Form option.

Once this is created you’ll be able to populate all suppliers with the certification expiry date one by one or by bulk upload through a spreadsheet.

After this you can start creating a notification to be sent out both internally and to the supplier (as needed) warning about expiry:

You can also use the notification to send out an email 1 day after expiry if not updated, and automatically set the supplier document to Disabled or Block Supplier. This will block the supplier being picked up in new transactions.

If you do not want to use notifications to block the supplier, you can use server script to achieve the same.

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Brilliant, thank you so much.

I didn’t know about the notification system before either, looks like another very useful feature to have and use.