Supplier Credit Limit & Days

Sorry if I have missed this but I can’t see any way to set the Supplier Credit limit? How do I do this.

Also a lot of my suppliers have credit days which end of the month plus 30 days or end of following month (nearly the same give a day or two). Can I achieve this in erpnext ie say I buy stock on 1 July 2015 then the invoice isn’t due to be paid until 30 August 2015 as the end of the month would be 31 July and 30 days after that is 30 August.

Check your Supplier document.

I did however there is nothing on either Supplier screen or in the documentation to advise what can go in the box hence why I asked. I will raise a feature request as I can see in Customers that a similar feature that would be ok for this is already implemented. I can’t see why the disconnect between the implementation of this feature in Suppliers and Customers exists. I only discovered what could go in the box when I used Customize and seen that the field was an int.

Enhancement Requested here: